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Seraphine is an authentic vintage clothes retailer specialising only in the most exquisite and genuine pieces. From the decadence of the 1920s, to the youthful rebellion of the 1960s and everything in between, each piece of our vintage stock is meticulously hand picked from these golden eras of fashion.

While the term ‘vintage’ is bandied about a lot, Seraphine use it only in the truest sense of the word. We don’t sell vintage copies or clothes in a ‘vintage style’, but are committed to authentic vintage from the past collections of legendary fashion design houses. Every item we stock has passed our rigorous criteria, selecting only the vintage clothes, shoes and accessories which are the most genuine, in the best condition and utterly gorgeous.

The beauty of vintage clothing is that each piece has its own story and unique enchantment. When you buy a vintage dress you’re not just buying a dress, but becoming part of the garment’s legacy. Imagine the previous owner of a 1920s sequinned gown floating among the “whisperings and the champagne and the stars”, to quote F. Scott Fitzgerald, at an opulent party. Or the thrill of first owning an art deco printed item of clothing – a pattern so bold that it defied all garment printing that had come before it.

Not only does a vintage piece offer a story, but wearing Seraphine’s real vintage means that you won’t be dressed like anyone else. Almost all of the clothing we stock are one off pieces, so you can be confident you’ll stand out from a sea of tired and duplicated outfits.

Our aim is to provide genuine vintage clothes, shoes and accessories which can be paired with modern garments to create a unique look that is simultaneously up-to-date and rooted firmly in the gorgeous aesthetics of vintage. For authentic and beautiful vintage clothes online, look no further than Seraphine.