Authentic and beautiful vintage clothes online from Seraphine



Based in the historic town of Barnstaple, North Devon, Seraphine is a luxury vintage clothing establishment, specialising in gorgeous authentic vintage pieces. Unlike the multitude of retro or replicated clothing stores that populate today’s high streets, selling copies and clothes crafted in a ‘vintage style’, Seraphine use the word ‘vintage’ in its truest sense. True to Barnstaple’s rich historical background, Seraphine are committed to truly authentic vintage that has a rich story and is sourced from the past collections of legendary fashion design houses.

At Seraphine, we believe that the quality, luxury and enchantment of vintage clothing is simply unparalleled by contemporary clothing and so we opened our store with the vision of sharing our life-long love of genuine vintage clothing, and now we’re online too. We stock an extensive collection of vintage dresses, garments and accessories from a range of fashion eras, dating from the 1920s onwards.

We understand that lovers of vintage clothing, like ourselves, are continually on the hunt for exquisite, one-off pieces. After all, what’s better than knowing that you will never walk into a room and fade into the sea of similar garments or find another person wearing the same thing as you? That’s why almost all of our hand-selected range of vintage clothes and accessories are rare, unique pieces, carefully chosen by us to ensure that every item we stock is authentically vintage and truly sumptuous. Every item is a true treasure.

From day one, it was crucial that every single item we stocked, from the smallest accessory to the most extravagant gown, had passed our rigorous criteria.  We refuse to fill our shop or online store with anything less than utterly gorgeous and in the best condition possible. All garments, therefore, are specifically hand selected for their quality, authenticity and aesthetic allure. A lifetime of selecting only the upmost genuine, vintage clothing, shoes and accessories has put us in good stead to find you the perfect vintage additions to your wardrobe.

At Seraphine, we know that you’ll never feel more fabulous than when you finally find and try on the perfect, artfully crafted vintage garment. We want every customer to feel as special and unique as the clothes they’re wearing. For authentic and beautiful vintage clothes online, look no further than Seraphine.